The Cone of Shame

I love sharing all the small successes and triumphs of life with my dogs, but I think it is even more important to share my failures. Because it’s those failures which have taught me the most about taking care of Eko and Penny.11.1

For example, I failed to realize Penny was too young to be left out uncrated

Starting with the day I got Eko, right up through to today, I have made countless mistakes. I bought cheap dog beds and expensive plush toys. I’ve taken the dogs on a walk only to take a few steps outside and have the leash fall off because I didn’t hook it on all the way. I am an expert at failure.

Most recently, I failed by putting Penny’s short term comfort over her long term well being. On Friday, Penny was curled up sleeping without her post-op collar on. I needed to run a quick errand, so rather than wake her with the discomfort of the collar I decided to let her sleep.

When I got home I discovered Penny not only was awake but she had also loosened one of her stitches. Luckily it was only superficial damage, but I brought Penny back to the vet for an exam just to be sure. To help the incision heal, my vet decided to add a few staples to support the stitches. This was not a fun experience for Penny.

The vet sent us on our way with a new “cone of shame.” We made sure the right individual wore it.


I was ashamed I let Penny pull at her stitches, but after my show of solidarity I’m grateful she forgave me


The nice part about dogs is they’re always willing to give you another shot

We’re now five days out from surgery and I’m happy to report Penny’s recovery is progressing well. When I’m home, I keep Penny in the same room as I am and leave her neckpillow-collar off.


This gives Penny ample time to recharge her batteries with Eko


And sunbathe to her heart’s content

But when I leave for any duration of time, that flotation device goes right on. Same goes for bedtime. I failed Penny on Friday, but I have learned from the experience and because of it I am better prepared to care for my pups.

So yes, I earned my time in the cone of shame, but my ego has learned to heal quickly. No sense sulking, especially when Penny needs me at my best to help her get back to her best.

44 thoughts on “The Cone of Shame”

  1. Oh dude. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Me and little bro here Houdini have been through the cone of shame. On one hoof yes it’s the pits but on the hoof you get a lot more attention – 🙂 XOXO – Bacon

  2. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Whee all make mistakes. Mummy says she has made countless mistakes with us but as long as you learn from them that’s the main thing.

    Hope Penny is fighting fit again soon



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