These are the times that try dogs’ souls

“I’m worried about our pup,” I told Emily.

“Penny’s totally fine and nearly healed from surgery,” She replied.

I agree, but it’s not Penny I’m worried about. It’s Eko. His sanity in particular. We’re now over 10+ days post-surgery and Penny’s taking out all her excess energy by bugging her big bro.

Sure, there’s the usual dental exams, but Penny is absolutely relentless


Eko tries to keep Penny at bay


But in this little apartment, there’s only so much you can do to escape the wild beast


“Will, run! Save yourself!”


“Actually, forget that. Save me!”


Eko loves wrestling with Penny, but this is a case of way too much of a good thing


“Hey Will, I think I broke Eko. You know any other pups I could bother?”

Clearly Penny believes she’s 100% healed. But despite the havoc she’s wrought, we’re playing it conservatively and won’t let her off-leash until next week. Provided we all survive, that is. I’m just thankful I have Eko to help me out.

It’s going to be a long week!

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