Recipe for a tired puppy

Penny’s post-op prison sentence continues, but since she’s healing well I decided to give the inmate a limited parole. It was a beautiful day out yesterday so we took a visit to hang with my brother’s pup, Doc.18.1

My brother has a small but sunny backyard, perfect for soaking up rays

On her best days Penny can be a lot to handle, but with post-surgery energy Penny attached herself to Doc’s hip

She couldn’t help herself and followed her cousin around the entire yard

At this point, Doc did what any sane pup would and hopped the fence to escape Penny! Luckily my brother was able to coax him right back.

It’s not a great photo, but that’s Doc on the left flying back into the yard


The pups quickly settled down to enjoy grass under their paws and the sun overhead

Although I kept Penny’s movement to a minimum, I’ve found the a great recipe to tire her out. Bake her. Not literally, of course! What I mean is that time in the sun really bakes the pups and helps exhaust them even without much running..

Love seeing those big smiles on a warm day


In fact, Penny got so hot she retreated to the shade of the deck and zonked out on the cool concrete

Another day, another tally mark on the wall. We’re almost there!

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