I Didn’t Like That Couch Anyway

Last Friday I said you can’t stop Penny, you can only hope to contain her. Well, we lost containment. Penny went supernova when I stepped out for dinner with my sister. When Emily came home, about fifteen minutes after I left, she found this:

Less than ideal redecorating

At dinner I showed the text to my sister who burst out laughing. One, because it wasn’t her couch. Two, because this was the sign behind me at dinner.


Luck? Karma? Coincidence? If it’s fate, it sure has a twisted sense of humor

Once back home I interrogated the suspect. So Penny, what do you have to say for yourself?


“Will, I just want to come clean and tell you the truth….”


“Eko did it.”


“What!? Tell him the truth you punk!”


“OKAYokayokay, I’ll tell him!”


“Jeez, I was just kidding, Eko.”


“Ok, Will. The truth is that a ghost did it.”

The real truth is Penny’s staples are out, her incision looks good and she is recovered from surgery. The vet’s given us permission to bring Penny up to speed so we’re heading out for a short run to stretch her legs in order to keep her from stretching my wallet.

The dog parks are going to be extra crowded this weekend, so I’m saving Penny’s big return until the beginning of next week. She’s going to need all the room she can get!

44 thoughts on “I Didn’t Like That Couch Anyway”

  1. whoops, that is too much I can’t believe that chalkboard said that where you ate and Penny was eating your couch, if you didn’t have the picture to prove it I wouldn’t have believe you. Back to getting energy out.

  2. OH no Penny! I believe she was trying to tell you she was all better without visiting the vet! But loved the pictures! Especially the one from the restaurant! Good luck with her wearing her out this weekend! Also Happy Couch hunting!


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