The Joy of Doing Nothing With Your Pets

No matter the adventure, no matter the distance, I couldn’t ask for two better buddies to romp with.

In fact, romping is their specialty!

We’re not ones to shy away from inclement weather romps, but when severe thunderstorms roll in we take a seat. Both in terms of romps, and quite literally. Because while dogs are romping experts, they’re also snuggle experts.


Organizing ourselves takes just a bit of work. At first, none of us is exactly comfortable


First Penny finds her spot


Then I settle in


And finally, Eko tucks himself in. While the storm raged that evening, we were all quite cozy inside


Nothing beats a Ridgeback pillow AND a Ridgeback blanket. Penny captured the moment with this selfie

They do everything with me, I’d do anything for them and some days the best of everything and anything is absolutely nothing!

21 thoughts on “The Joy of Doing Nothing With Your Pets”

  1. I agree! My mom is always teasing me about laying on the floor with the dogs…but sometimes, that’s all that I feel like doing, and its not a waste of time in my mind! It’s nice to know I’m not the only one! 🙂

  2. Ah, those adorable dogs! And say, Will, are you reading A Confederacy of Dunces? That’s what it look like. If so, great book! 🙂

  3. Morning ladies and gentlemen 🙂 Have to tell you we have a 9 week old Ridgeback called Lottie moved into our street as soon as I can get pictures I will put on our blog 🙂


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