[VIDEO] Nowhere to go, all day to get there

Whether it’s a lazy, sunny Sunday or we’re hiding out during thunderstorms, sometimes there’s nothing better than doing nothing.

25 thoughts on “[VIDEO] Nowhere to go, all day to get there”

  1. Dear Eko and Penny,
    This is Charlie, an RR from California. I love watching you run and play at the dog beaches. Still not sure why you like water so much, but I can tell you are having a lot of fun.

    With the Stanley Cup Finals going on, I was wondering if you ever wear Blackhawk attire? I’ve been sporting a Chicago Blackhawks bandana when watching the game and cheering on my favorite team. We have pictures.

    Enjoy your time in the sun. Glad to see you can get out again and let your fur fly.
    Charlie 🐾


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