Who’s In Charge Here?

When you have a pet, you’re in charge. Well, in theory, at least. When things are going well, being in charge is easy. 24.1

After a romp at the beach the pups quietly lay in the sun. All is well

But running the show gets tough when there’s a problem. No matter the cause of the issue, the pups look to me for the solution. Mostly the situations are all manageable.

Hungry? I feed them. Need to go out? I take them out. Restless? We head for a run. But there are some problems which are above my paygrade. A recent string of partly-cloudy days meant the sunny spots the pups love so much would frequently get cut off.


“Hey Penny, where’d the sun go?”


The two look around in bewilderment at first, but they always reach the same conclusion


“This is Will’s fault. Let’s stare at him until he fixes it.”

Despite my ardent protests that I have no dominion over the sun and the weather, both pups seem certain that if I’m not responsible for clouds, at the very least I can make them go away.

These past few days have done little to dispel the notion. The pups stare at me, I say I can’t do anything, but then a few minutes later the sun comes back out. In their minds all they have to do to get the sun back is stare at me!


“Much better, Will. Now keep the sun here.”

In the end, no amount of pleading stares can stop the sun.


“I swear I left the sun in the middle of the deck just a minute ago…”

But Eko and Penny still seem convinced I’m behind it all. And I’m not quite sure if it would be better or worse if they knew the truth. So for now I’ll let sleeping dogs lie. In the sun, of course.

Anyone else have a pet who is convinced you control the weather or some other phenomenon?

21 thoughts on “Who’s In Charge Here?”

  1. I stare at Mom constantly. She can’t figure out what I want. Neither can I, but I’m sure she can make it happen.

    Love and licks,


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