Summer School

As you may have heard, Penny somehow converts dog food and water into rocket fuel.

NASA, take note

Penny gets plenty of off-leash exercise but she’s at that age where she’s pretty much tireless. For the past couple months I’ve been looking into a few different options to help Penny channel her “creative” energy.

My first thought was to feature her as a stunt-dinosaur in Jurassic World but unfortunately those plans fell through

Penny’s an eager student when we’re training so I decided to look into a summer training course. Nosework isn’t really Penny’s speed/style, and while I hope to take her lure coursing this summer, there simply aren’t enough opportunities to make it a regular activity.

We naturally landed on a class that would rely on my dinosaur’s natural proclivity for forward and upward movement

A class which also utilizes Penny’s ability to squeeze into tight spaces

So that’s why we’re kicking off this holiday weekend with Penny’s first agility class at Chicago Agility. The eight-week course should provide an excellent outlet for Penny’s energy while helping us build better communication.

I know a number of you have experience with agility, so any tips/advice you have in advance of tomorrow’s class would be greatly appreciated!

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