Summer School

As you may have heard, Penny somehow converts dog food and water into rocket fuel.

NASA, take note

Penny gets plenty of off-leash exercise but she’s at that age where she’s pretty much tireless. For the past couple months I’ve been looking into a few different options to help Penny channel her “creative” energy.

My first thought was to feature her as a stunt-dinosaur in Jurassic World but unfortunately those plans fell through

Penny’s an eager student when we’re training so I decided to look into a summer training course. Nosework isn’t really Penny’s speed/style, and while I hope to take her lure coursing this summer, there simply aren’t enough opportunities to make it a regular activity.

We naturally landed on a class that would rely on my dinosaur’s natural proclivity for forward and upward movement

A class which also utilizes Penny’s ability to squeeze into tight spaces

So that’s why we’re kicking off this holiday weekend with Penny’s first agility class at Chicago Agility. The eight-week course should provide an excellent outlet for Penny’s energy while helping us build better communication.

I know a number of you have experience with agility, so any tips/advice you have in advance of tomorrow’s class would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. Good for you! Agility is amazing when you see speedsters like Penny running the course. Sam always give me that “run? no way, Jose–do I look like American Pharoah?” look. But you can see in each participating dog that love for movement and pleasing their owner look in their eyes. So cool. Best of luck channeling the rocket dog!

  2. Khoi and Neeka tried agility at a club fun day. They loved the A frame and the dog walk; anything to climb and look down on the wee folk. The tunnel took some time. Treats didn’t work. Once Neeka realized there was food in there, she was loitering around after other dogs went through. Khoi just didn’t care. He went through eventually, but it wasn’t his thing. I want to get him into lure, but there aren’t any within 50 miles of us. Guess we have to stick to live bunnies and birds as well as rock climbing. i hope Penny has a blast. Can’t wait for pictures. She’ll make a lot of fast friends.

  3. Nikki and I did six months of agility classes when she was about Penny’s age.She was a very good girl and did everything that was asked of her but her heart wasn’t in it.The dogs that excel are the ones with a lot of drive plus at 80lbs she was too big to use some of the equipment comfortably.While lightning fast when chasing squirrels or playing with another dog she was the slowest dog in the class-as well as the biggest.The instructor said that the only reason Nikki did agility was because she loved her Mommy!It did however cement us as a team and strengthened our bond.Now we do nose work which she loves. Penny however sounds like a different personality type and will probably love it.Have fun!

    • Just for laughs, I thought about signing up Eko as well. But he’s just like Nikki. He’d be well behaved and do whatever I asked, but he’d likely lumber through it all out of devotion to me, not love of the game. I think Penny will be lightning on the course, the trick will be catching that lightning in a bottle when it’s not time to run.


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