An Old Vet

Eko’s an old vet. After 4+ years of putting up with my antics and 1+ years of keeping Penny in line, there’s not much that fazes him. Rhodesian Ridgeback, chicago, vet

Eko’s default face is a stoic one

But this week my vet had to go to THE vet for his annual check-up/boosters.

Rhodesian Ridgeback, chicago, vet

Our vet’s board always welcomes new patients. This crop of names might be the best I’ve ever seen on one board

Penny thinks the vet’s office is an extension of the dog beach and tries to wrestle every dog there. Eko is the exact opposite.

Rhodesian Ridgeback, chicago, vet

He calmly sits while I feed him treats 

Rhodesian Ridgeback, chicago, vet

Back in the exam room all Eko needs is a few encouraging butt-scratches and he’s good to go

As he tends to do, Eko buttered up the tech and our vet with plenty of kisses. Compared to life with Penny, their prods and pokes were a vacation. “I wish all my patients were as easy as you!” Dr. Baker said to Eko.

“You forgot we haven’t done the shots yet,” I laughed.

“Ohhhh righttttt….”

Eko, the perfect patient, the old veteran, is the BIGGEST baby when it comes to needles.

Rhodesian Ridgeback, chicago, vet

“Did you say needle? I’d rather have two Pennys than ever see another needle.”

For the boosters I managed to quell Eko with plenty of love/treats. But when he had to go back to get his blood drawn his screams shook the foundation of the building. Of course as soon as he was back in my arms he was as cool as a cucumber again. For a grizzled veteran, Eko really knows how to put on an act.

Rhodesian Ridgeback, chicago, vet

The good news is that Eko is perfectly healthy and in great shape!

Now don’t tell Penny, but Eko’s vitals looked even better than they did last year. It seems keeping up with Penny keeps Eko young.

Rhodesian Ridgeback, chicago, vet

“Ya hear that bro? I’m good for ya!”

So yes, Eko is my old vet. But when it comes to shots at THE vet, he’s still the same little squeal-prone stinker he once was. And that’s more than okay. No matter how old Eko gets he’ll always be my puppy!

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  1. We had a dog who was great visiting the vet, but when it came time for the annual shot, oh my!!!! You would have thought we were all trying to kill him! The worse was the time they had to clean a small wound with pure WATER!!! He had all the animals in the clinic howling with him. As soon as we got home he was fine (till my husband asked about his wound, then he remembered he better limp on that leg for a while). He did enjoy the visits, just not the needles. (Must be a boy dog thing😷🐕)


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