Moving On Up!

Since moving to Chicago (3+ years ago) we’ve bounced between rental apartments. Currently we live in a small two-bedroom apartment.Rhodesian Ridgeback, Chicago, apartment

It’s got enough room for all of us, but just barely

Rhodesian Ridgeback, Chicago, apartment

Frankly, it’s a bit cramped

Rhodesian Ridgeback, Chicago, apartment

Emily and I recently decided to stay in Chicago after she graduates residency. So we began to look for an apartment of our own

Rhodesian Ridgeback, Chicago, apartment

Our goals were pretty modest. We started with the premise we’d like a bedroom where we could open the door without hitting a dog bed

Rhodesian Ridgeback, Chicago, apartment

And a place with plenty of a sun was a must. For all species

After months and months of searching I’m happy to report we found the perfect place! It has more space, it has plenty of sun and it has one particular amenity that’s extra special.

Rhodesian Ridgeback, Chicago, apartment

It’s walking distance to the dog beach!

Our bid was accepted last month but I’ve kept quiet until the deal was on firmer ground. We still have to make it through closing so I’m holding off on a full-scale celebration until we have the keys in hand.

That said, we couldn’t be more excited about the new digs. If all goes well, we’ll be blogging from the new headquarters before the end of the month. Can’t wait to share the adventure with everyone. More details to come asap!



Will, please tell me where n Chicago within walking distance to Montrose Beach you found an apartment that would take TWO Rhodesian Ridgeback size dogs? Is it a rental or are you buying a condo? In a complex? Not address or anything just major cross streets, if you would be so kind. PS absolutely adore your blog and your willingness to build something just to help Penny to learn!

Congratulations! Welcome to the world of home ownership. Always good to increase the pool size of misery on some days. 🙂 Actually it’s great to be in your own place and close to the dog beach…even better! Looking forward to hearing more of this new adventure.

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