Penny’s Been Framed!

Penny’s guilty of plenty of crimes, but this week she’s been framed. Not in the criminal sense though.

I picked up some pvc piping and built this frame for Penny

While it does make a convenient Ridgeback-sized photo frame, that’s not why I built it either

The frame is a training tool for Penny’s agility class. In order to work on our homework I built the frame for us to practice with. The idea is to train Penny to move her whole body in and out of the frame in a straight line.

With a few treats at stake, Penny’s quickly picked up the skill. But so has Eko

He’s gone so far as to stage a few sit-ins during our training sessions

Which then leads Penny to defend her turf

Despite the aforementioned hiccups, the training is coming along nicely and we’re putting the lessons to use in class.

Whether on jumps, the a-frame or anywhere else, the pvc signals to Penny how I want her to take on that piece of equipment

With this new guidance system installed, Rocketship Penny is finally learning how to steer

As always, we still have plenty more to practice. But the decision to register for this agility class continues to provide opportunities to improve our training and communication.

And yes, it also provides opportunities for some fun photos too. Eko was pretty smitten with his shadow

I signed up for the agility class with the idea of Penny soaring to great heights. However, we’ve spent most of our time with our feet on the ground and I’m glad for that. We’ll get to flying, but not until we’re ready.

18 thoughts on “Penny’s Been Framed!”

  1. I love that photo of them both in the “frame”!

    It sounds like you’ll both have lots of fun at agility – and that’s the main thing.


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