[VIDEO] The Guilty Suitcase

I swear, if I even think about visiting an airline’s website, Eko and Penny are on full alert. They always know when I’m getting ready to leave. I rarely travel without the pups but it doesn’t matter, they still know exactly when I’m headed out the door for more than errands.

I used to hide my suitcase until the last minute but there was no hiding my guilty-smell because the pups would still get antsy. I no longer hide my suitcase, and luckily I don’t feel quite so guilty leaving. Nevertheless, the pups still do their best to make me reconsider my trip!





Sam gets antsy and underfoot and tries like the devil to go out the door with me. When he finally comes to grip with the whole concept, he pouts for a few moments but clearly seems to have forgotten my transgression as soon as I return. His joy and pogo-sticking cannot be contained and makes for a truly wonderful homecoming. It’s great to be loved!

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