[VIDEO] Dog Agility in Chicago

We’re approaching the end of our introductory level agility class. There were plenty of mishaps and miscommunications along the way but the class has really been an excellent way to build a better relationship with my pup.

Here are a few highlights (and lowlights!) from our agility adventure.

17 thoughts on “[VIDEO] Dog Agility in Chicago”

  1. You have the best agility training aid right in Chicago. Just take Penny to Waveland or Sheffield when the Cubs are on the mound. When the home run balls start, you’re either agile or dead.

  2. Glad to see that you’re surviving the training Will. Maybe it should be called Dog and Human Agility. Penny has obviously improved a lot from those early sessions. Does she get excited about going to agility? On dog obedience nights Curdie used to follow my every move expectantly just waiting for the moment I got his lead. I sometimes think Curdie knows my routine better than I do.


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