New Road, Same Destination

Recently, like dogs who wrestle with Penny, our world was flipped upside down.

But unlike this pup we don’t regret our decision!

The move to the new apartment has been expectedly hectic, so it’s nice to have the familiar reprieve of trips to Montrose Dog Beach for a break from unpacking boxes.

Nothing gets between the pups and beach time

What’s funny is the pups no longer realize when we’re going to the beach. After years of a familiar routine and a car ride they know every turn of, Eko and Penny are now a bit lost.

“Um, Will? Where are we?

One of the fun parts of the move has been getting lost with Eko and Penny. We walk new ways, find new paths and discover new places we’ve never seen before.

This wind whipped pier offers a new view of the city and a new backdrop for photos

There’s no better exploration companions than these two. All the new sights, smells and sounds offer a fun break from our old routine

In the end, the good news is all roads lead to the dog beach!

We’ll eventually find new routines and settle into new patterns, but until then we’re loving the experience of relearning to love Chicago from a new point of view.

22 thoughts on “New Road, Same Destination”

  1. That would be nice! I’ve lived pretty much in the same ten mile area for the last thirty years – a little shake up would be pleasant!

    Monty and Harlow

  2. Will, I have asked before but if ou replied I never saw it. Where near Montrose Beach did you find an apartment willing to take not just 1 but 2 large dogs? I am not asking for an exact address just large nearby cross streets please. Or did you buy a condo that has no rules regarding the size or quantity of dogs allowed?

    • Hey Geri, I thought I replied but sorry if I missed it. Emily and I bought this apartment in Uptown – it’s a condo and like many of the condos we looked at, there were no pet restrictions. I actually found it much more difficult to find a pet-friendly rental than a pet-friendly condo. So as far a finding a pet-friendly spot, it was much easier this time around.

      • I am so very pleased that you were able to find such a beautiful new home for the family! Thank you for responding and I look forward enthusiastically to more Montrose beach and condo posts with my two favorite Ridgies! Also I hope to read more about your brother and Captain.

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