Canadian Doubles

In tennis, when two players compete against a single opponent it’s called “Canadian Doubles.” It’s a fun skill game or it’s a necessary weighting of the sides in order to ensure a fairer competition. 

Around these parts we also can call 2 vs 1, “Penny Doubles”

Whether siblings, playmates or two pups who just met – Penny always seems to inspire dogs to join forces against her. 


Recently Penny worked a couple of Husky siblings into a frenzy by “borrowing” a coveted stick


The huskies were reluctant to let their prize go


But Penny ran with the opportunity 

“Oh boy, she’s in trouble. They won’t give up,” the man with the Huskies said

“That’s exactly what she’s hoping for,” I replied

Penny led her pals on a wild frolic up and down the shore

The pups chased and barked and hounded Penny, unaware she was loving every minute of it

And just when it looked like the Huskies were calling it quits, Penny came to a halt. She let her pals tantalizingly close…

And then took off again with glee!

I was going to end this post by saying I don’t know why Penny inspires dogs to gang up against her, but I’m pretty sure it’s simply because she loves the mayhem of it all. Why have one dog chase you when you can rile up the whole beach?

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