A Well Trained Pair

At home, you can find Eko and Penny lounging in any number of places. Our apartment and furniture are set up for them to do exactly that. When we’re on the road though, we try to be good house guests and keep the pups to their own blankets.

This generally means they hang out on their dog bed

But Eko has been known to butter up Emily to earn couch privileges 

He’s pretty slick, I admit

All is well until Penny wakes up from her nap and realizes Eko’s on the couch

“Hey, how come he gets to go up there!?”

So we setup the blanket on the couch to keep the pups quiet and content

Later in the evening, Emily’s mom walked into the room and proclaimed, “Wow, what a well-trained pair!” I felt pretty proud of myself until she showed us this photo.

A well trained pair indeed

The dogs sleeping comfortably on the couch, the two of us reading on the dog bed, and me thinking it was the dogs who were well trained!

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  1. Ha, we had a similar moment a couple of weeks ago when, over the course of watching a movie, somehow I ended up on a different chair and my husband was on the floor, and our little pup had the entire couch to herself! Tricksy, that one!


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