A Perfect Fall Day

The first official day of fall was a beautiful one here in Northern NJ and we took full advantage of it with a trip to the local hiking trails.

The sun was shining, the sky was blue and the leaves were just starting to change color

Best of all, we were together

We paused just long enough for a few photos, then we had ourselves a wild wooded romp.

Penny crashed into the lake

While Eko sampled the area’s finest mudpits

And we ran wild together on the off-leash trails. A rare treat for city-folk like us

Emily smiling, Penny clearly about to start trouble, and Eko making a goofball face. A perfect family photo in my estimation

When we put our heads together, we always find a way to enjoy the day

We had an amazing few days with Emily’s family and it’s going to be tough to say goodbye to the trails and the fenced yard. I know Eko and Penny will be quite reluctant to leave today, but I also know they’ll be thrilled to see Auggie (my mom’s dog) later tonight.

I’ll check back in tomorrow, but until then we’re soaking up a few last rays in the yard.

15 thoughts on “A Perfect Fall Day”

  1. Hi Will!

    Been following your blog for a while and love seeing other ridgebacks in action (and other times inaction). I was wondering how you kept Eko and Penny hydrated during these adventures. I have a 7 year old ridgeback mix and I kind of just bring my own nalgenes and a small tupperware for her to drink out of, but thought maybe you would know of a better water bottle/ travel bowl solution that you use with your two pups.

    • Hey Albert, always nice to hear from a fellow adventurer. I operate under the principle of traveling as light as possible and traveling hands free whenever possible. With that in mind, I think a hydration pack (like Camelbak) fits the bill. You can carry water and dispense it without having to worry about zipping/unzipping and messing around with bottles. The pups are usually happy to slurp from my hand, but if you want to be a little more civilized, a little travel bowl can easily clip to your bag. They’re a bunch available on Amazon and other retailers.


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