Deja Vu All Over Again

We had such a great time on our trip to NJ, but it’s time for us to once again pack up and hit the road. 

Auggie bounced and begged to get us to stay

But we’re all exhausted and ready to go home

Emily needed to fly home for work, so for this trip it’s just me and the pups. 

As I loaded up, Penny made sure I knew she wouldn’t be left behind

Eko, thinking like a true veteran, made a pretty impressive attempt at jumping from coach to first-class. I turned my back for a second and then found him guiltily sitting like this:

“C’mon! Emily’s not here, let me ride shotgun!”

Apologies for not being as responsive to comments these past couple days, it’s been a whirlwind trip with an uncooperative laptop. We’ll be back in the full swing of things tomorrow.

But today, it’s a familiar story – me, the pups and the road. Catch up with everyone tomorrow.

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