Dog Baths Made Easy

Getting dogs dirty is easy. Rhodesian RIdgeback, blog, chicago, adventure

It comes quite naturally to them, especially when kicking up sand at the beach

Getting dogs clean is not so easy.

Rhodesian RIdgeback, blog, chicago, adventure

I feel like Penny brings a few gallons of Lake Michigan and a few dozen bucketfuls of sand home with her after every beach trip

I’ve always bathed my dogs at home in my shower. This worked when Eko was a puppy. It still worked pretty well when he was full grown. It kind of worked when puppy Penny joined us in the tub. It did not work well at all once Penny grew to her current size.

Bathing the pups became a game of Twister where I contorted myself to try to get everyone clean. I finally decided to buy an extension hose from Amazon to see if I could make things easier for all parties.

Rhodesian RIdgeback, blog, chicago, adventure

Setup was quick, easy and the hose is detachable when not in use

I can’t stress how much I need to file this purchase in the “Why didn’t I buy this five years ago!?” category. The hose helps get the pups cleaner in a shorter amount of time and it conserves water/my sanity. It’s indisputably the better way to bathe.

Rhodesian RIdgeback, blog, chicago, adventure

Although the pups don’t seem to be any fonder of the process!

Rhodesian RIdgeback, blog, chicago, adventure

Penny tried to puppy-dog-eyes her way out of the bath

Rhodesian RIdgeback, blog, chicago, adventure

Which turned into the same “How could you do this to me?” eyes that Eko gave me

Rhodesian RIdgeback, blog, chicago, adventure

But what Eko and Penny certainly enjoyed was how much shorter bathtime was with the hose. They also appreciated the hose kept water from spraying in their eyes

If you bathe your pups at home I highly recommend looking into a detachable hose for your showerhead. They’re pretty inexpensive and they make it so much easier to efficiently and thoroughly clean your dog.

26 thoughts on “Dog Baths Made Easy”

  1. For being a rather dim dog, Sam has calculated just how far away he needs to stand in the tub to avoid the sprayer. My battles involve moving his dead weight only 10-15 times during the process. Be thankful Eko and Penny don’t have curly hair to hang on to soapy suds like Velcro-the process takes so much longer rinsing out than sudsing up. Then there’s the cleaning up process after the bath-oye;)

  2. We have a shower head on a hose. My boys Sam and Dean are always very polite about the bath time feelings. It’s always, “No, thank you. Look how cute we are ! There’s no need for this.” It descends in into ” I CANNOT love you!!” It takes a lot extra treats (thanks for the Zukes) and belly rubs to be forgiven.
    Much love to Eko and Penny

  3. Shorter bath time sounds good to me. Ditto if Mom could leave out the part where I stand there covered with anti-itch, doggie-conditioner for 5 minutes. That is the longest 5 minutes of my life!

    Love and licks,


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