Better Together

After months of trying to steal Eko’s bed instead of sleeping in her crate, Penny’s ultimate puppy-triumph was finally getting a bed of her own.

Penny’s loved having a bed of her own to stretch out on

For a few months, Penny took every opportunity to enjoy her new bed. She’d claim it, stretch out on it, and perch on it like a queen on her throne.

But since our move to the new apartment I’ve noticed a strange phenomenon.

Instead of enjoying the space of her big bed, Penny started creeping closer to Eko

So much so that I’d find her halfway sleeping on Eko’s bed

Inevitably, I woke up to this scene:

Eko gave me the “are you seeing this?” look while Penny gave her saddest “please don’t kick me off” eyes

“This is getting ridiculous,” I thought. I separated the dog beds to see if that might help the situation. Last night the dogs each went to their own bed, but of course when I woke up I saw this:

“Morning, Will. Please close the blinds, we’re trying to sleep here.”

Eko didn’t seem to mind the stowaway, or maybe he’s just applying the old mantra “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em”

I have no idea where Penny learned she could just cozy up wherever she feels like.

Okay, I may have some idea

Penny’s always been my independent puppy, but as she gets older I think she’s realized life (and naps) are better spent with those you love.

And as for me, I guess I’ve realized I now own an extra guest bed.

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