The Wandering Worries of Dog People

There’s a shorthand amongst people with dogs. The oft-said sentence starts, “I’ve got to get going, my dog…”

We could be on the phone, we could be out to dinner, we could be doing just about anything. But universally we get a sixth-sense feeling that we need to check in with our pups.

Often, if you’re like me, your imagination gets ahead of you and you start imagining doomsday scenarios. You wonder if you left the oven on, then you wonder if Penny is opening the oven and burning the house down. You sprint home and…

Penny is poised like a perfect little lady

But you can’t find Eko! You’re certain a criminal mastermind has kidnapped him! You dial 9-1-…. then hear a snoring sound from underneath the table.

Oh. right.

This week I’ve had a bit of a pre-doomsday feeling. Emily and I have a friend’s wedding so we’ll be leaving the pups for the weekend. It will be the first time leaving them in our new place so of course I have a whole cascade of worries.

The pups are clearly broken up about our impending departure as well.

“Will, however will I nap in this comfy new chair without you?”

“Keep the noise down on your way out, I need my beauty sleep”

Sure, the pups may momentarily fret when we walk out with our bags. But they won’t have long to worry because they’ll be distracted by our favorite maniac.

“Did somebody say slumber party!?!?”

Eko and Penny will be spending the weekend with my brother and his pup, Doc.

These troublemakers always have plenty of fun together

So while I may fret a time or two (or ten) over the weekend, I know the pups will happily spend most of their time like this:

Still waiting on the Olympics to recognize “synchronized sleeping”

My bag is packed and it’s time to pack away my worries too. “I’ve got to get going, my dogs… are in great hands!”

31 thoughts on “The Wandering Worries of Dog People”

  1. I Know the feeling – we went away a few weekends ago and our dog walker stayed with them…I know all was fine, but I still worried and called about 10 times to check on them! I love that synchronized sleeping shot.

  2. Go and have your fun! I’m sure the kids (uh, pups) will have lots of fun too with Doc and your brother! Can’t wait to read his version of what happens this weekend! Have a good time!

  3. I am a good pup more than likely if I am outside especially these days I am trying to find sun to lay in especially on the porch, if I am in my house I am laying in my cage with my favorite sleeping bag


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