[VIDEO] Slumber Party!

We’re headed out of town for a wedding, so Eko and Penny are hosting a slumber party at the apartment while we’re away. Time to let loose and see how many treats they can connive out of my brother while Emily and I are gone!

13 thoughts on “[VIDEO] Slumber Party!”

  1. Looks like a great weekend for your brother to order some “Puppy Pizza’s”!!! Too bad the pizzeria’s don’t offer them for when we leave our pets with the caretakers🍕🍕😃 (Everyone would be happy). Have fun at the wedding

  2. thats wonderful – they won’t mind you leaving again if its a party with your brother when you two are gone – how cute is that – both of them already getting his full attention at the table!!

  3. Seems like the perfect weekend for Eko&Penny :o) Is your bro the “nanny” for 4 pups? well… maybe he can make a video, that would be great :o) Have a super weekend and have fun at the wedding :o)


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