[VIDEO] Slumber Party!

We’re headed out of town for a wedding, so Eko and Penny are hosting a slumber party at the apartment while we’re away. Time to let loose and see how many treats they can connive out of my brother while Emily and I are gone!

13 thoughts on “[VIDEO] Slumber Party!”

  1. Will – how are those antlers on the pup’s teeth. I’ve always “heard” that they are too hard and risk a cracked tooth. You obviously wouldn’t give them to your guys if you thought they were unsafe but I was interested to get your perspective.

    • I ended up doing a bunch of research when I heard the same thing. There are dogs who simply try to bit through the antler and end up cracking their teeth. But after watching Eko and Penny carefully, both of whom are strong chewers, they have no such issue (as confirmed by my vet). If you want to try one out, I recommend buying one with a softer-core, those are easiest on teeth.

  2. oh my gosh they are all going to have the best time! So great having people/friends/family happy to look after our “kids” and know they are in safe hands. Have an awesome weekend away yourself – have fun comparing stories when you get home. I suspect some may have better stories than others……


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