Good Dogs. Bad Habits.

I do my best to teach Eko and Penny proper social behavior. But I have to admit there are a few guilty pleasures I’ve indulged at the expense of their manners.

There’s a strong divide on the issue, but I’m a big fan of dog-smooches. So if you sit near Eko and Penny it means you’re at high risk of getting one planted right on your face.

Polite? Maybe not. Cute? You bet!

As a puppy, Eko would dart between my legs for safety/comfort. It became a move he did when most excited and desperate for love. But Eko’s grown just a tad since he was a puppy and not everyone is as tall as me.

Eko can practically take Emily for a ride at the beach

And the move has caused an interesting moment or two when we host friends

Penny’s no stranger to a bad habit or two. We’ve done nothing to disabuse her of the notion she’s a lap dog. 

So when friends come over and take Penny’s seat, she does the only reasonable thing

And shamelessly hops up to snuggle

I wonder where she picked up on that behavior…

It certainly couldn’t be from Eko…

We never let him get away with anything like that

Even for our dog-loving friends, the combination can be a bit much.

Eko and Penny were determined to both join Rachel on the chair

The habits may be bad, but the dogs are certainly good. I have to take the blame for these. I do make sure the pups behave politely when meeting people for the first time, if they show the dogs any affection they will immediately be bombarded with kisses and affection.

Not the worst bad habits to have!

33 thoughts on “Good Dogs. Bad Habits.”

  1. Wonderful bad habits..earworm now…hahaah and yes i am a big dog smoocher from way back..always have a wet dog kiss planted on my face at some time during the day 🙂


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