Pumpkin Operation

Last weekend I took my pumpkin experts out to find the perfect patient for our annual pumpkin surgery.

Can you tell Penny was quite interested in the victim…er, I mean patient?

In fact, I wasn’t sure the pumpkin would make it back to the apartment whole

Before the Dog Doctors™ went to the operating room, we listened to our human doctor practice her work presentation

Then it was time to get down to business.

I always call Eko and Penny “little dinosaurs” so Emily nicely carved up our family crest

Our neurosurgeons were up next. I retired from practice this year and let these two experts handle it.

Pumpkin, surgery, rhodesian ridgeback, dog, funny, doctor

“Penny, I need 20ccs of pumpkin spice, stat!”

Pumpkin, surgery, rhodesian ridgeback, dog, funny, doctor

They’re the best in the biz

Our pumpkins may be a bit strange, but we wouldn’t have it any other way

On one hand, our neighbors will think we’re crazy when they see these pumpkins. On the other hand, they’re right!

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