The Perfect Halloween Costume

Halloween is days away so I got to do one of my favorite things – cook up some fun costumes for the pups!

Penny whips up trouble, but eggs? Not so much. Next.

Eko makes a dapper highwayman, but it wasn’t the right fit

Speaking of dapper, Eko plays an excellent James Bond. I still had a feeling there was a better costume out there though

Penny is an ambush hunter, and this devilish croc photo reminded me of an even better costume idea I had a few months ago

If you remember one of my favorite nicknames for the pups, then you might have a hint at this year’s winning costumes. Allow me to introduce…

Joker, dog, costume, dark knight, batman, funny


With his chiseled chin and steely gaze, Eko is the ideal Bruce Wayne.

Penny is certainly no Robin. So what’s a mischievous, chaos loving lunatic of a pup to dress as. The Joker, of course.

Joker, dog, costume, dark knight, batman, funny

Some dogs just want to watch the world burn

Joker, dog, costume, dark knight, batman, funny

“Let’s put a smile on that face!”

I still can’t stop laughing at these photos. The makeup was surprisingly easy. I just applied some washable, pet-safe dye by hand. It took less than two minutes.

The laughs continued when I took the pups to the beach.

Joker, dog, costume, dark knight, batman, funny

Penny had the whole beach in stitches with her warpaint

As always, the pups were happy to play their parts

While I’ll certainly have fun dressing the pups up for future Halloweens, I don’t think I will ever dream up a more fitting pair of costumes.

This must be how Michelangelo felt after painting the Sistine Chapel.

28 thoughts on “The Perfect Halloween Costume”

  1. You missed your calling in costume and make up design, Will. Eko and Penny are your stars. How many buckets of treats did you go through when doing Penny’s make up? I hope Emily wasn’t scared when she got home from a long day at the hospital.

    • The makeup was shockingly easy. Since it was supposed to be messy, it only took me a few quick presses with my hand. Penny was happy to sit pretty and much away on some zukes. I think she wanted me to keep painting because she’s never earned so many easy treats.


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