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  1. Hi Will,

    I tried posting my question earlier but I’m not sure it went through so I’ll try again.

    How much time do you spend exercising your dogs daily?

    I’ve been thinking about adopting a ridgeback but, I am apprehensive because I live in an apartment. I’m planning on spending most of my day with my dog and giving him an hour or two of daily exercise throughout the day (dog parks, jogging, long walks, etc). After that though, I like to relax around the house and I’d like my pup to do the same. How are ridgebacks in the apartment after an hour of exploration/play?


    • Hey Matt, Just saw your comment. I usually walk the pups 3-4 times a day, plus one 50-75 minute off-leash workout. If they’re well exercised, Ridgebacks are awesome couch potatoes.


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