Comfort is Not Always Comfortable

Eko and Penny love getting comfortable. Burrowing in soft blankets, stretching on big beds and melting into deep couch cushions.

But I’ve recently realized finding comfortable places comes second to finding places of comfort. The two are not the same.

The pups find comfort in proximity to each other

So Penny will always choose a cramped space near Eko over a larger, but bare, cushion

Comfortable spot? Maybe not, but it’s filled to the brim with comfort

That comfort includes Emily and I too. The closer they can get to us, the better.

Even if it means practically crushing Emily between them

We have two single-person chairs in our front room. They’re right next to a large couch and a comfy bench which I have all set-up for the dogs. Eko and Penny agree the couches only fit one person.

One person. And two dogs, obviously

The Marking Our Territory totem pole

I scoff and grumble as the pups step around (and on) me to situate themselves.

They somehow manage to squish themselves in, largely by pressing my internal organs into each other. It’s a bit difficult to breath, I can’t move and it’s certainly not comfortable.

But I don’t get up. I stroke Eko and Penny on the head, feel the soft rhythm of their breathing and smile. In that moment we are safe, warm and together. That’s comfort.

I’m with the pups on this one. No amount of blankets or cushions could ever beat that feeling.

29 thoughts on “Comfort is Not Always Comfortable”

  1. It certainly looks cozy…
    And being a bit squeezed is also a source of comfort to dogs: they lean against walls when they are scared, and there are “anxiety vests” e.g. for dogs afraid of thunder that comfort through pressure. I guess it’s like the human “hold me tight”.

  2. Oh I SOOO agree……even though I only have Sam to contend with in the “sharing furniture” department, once he settles down on me, I love it and won’t move until he wakes up. I treasure those minutes of closeness and wouldn’t trade them for the world.


  3. Maiden can NEVER get too close to my husband or I. She will trot over, jump onto wherever you are sitting/lying, paw at any blankets/covers that may be available for her to bury herself under and promptly wedge up beside you with a long groan/sigh to let you know she is now comfy and you may not move. Every time she is forced to get up if one of us moves she will, without fail, do a full head/body shake and then trot off to find the next warm body. We love every second of it 🙂


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