Fired Up

We’ve enjoyed unseasonably warm weather this week, but a couple chilly evenings last week prompted the pups to take extreme measures to stay cozy.

There were dog piles

And piles of blankets

One particularly dreary day left the pups wet and cold

It seemed like the perfect time to test out our favorite wintertime amenity – the fireplace.

We didn’t have a fireplace at our old apartment so all species are thrilled we have one here

Eko and Penny parked themselves in front of the fire from the first flame to the last ember

There is an ancient comfort in sitting with your dogs in front of a fire on a dark night. I have to imagine it was one of the first things our human and canine forerunners did together.

Like me, the pups enjoy staring raptly into the roaring flames

I also found it fascinating how both dogs knew from their very first fire to keep their distance from the hearth. Their normally nosy ways overridden by deep instinct. That said, the pups were desperate to get as warm as possible.  

The both slid their toes forward. Inching closer…

Until they toasted those toes at the very edge of the floor, as close as physically possible

And so we quietly sat together in the darkness. The fire in front of us, the rain behind us and a stack of firewood as tall as I am. Winter, whenever you show up, we’re ready!

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