22 thoughts on “[VIDEO] A Warm Dog is A Happy Dog”

  1. Will, I loved your video! Our house, though, is quite different. We live in the Far NorthWoods of northern Wisconsin, 5 mins from the Upper Peninsula of Micigan. We usually have cold Autumns and very cold winters. We have a gas fireplace in the living room and a large Franklin stove In our sunroom. However our girls; Orflaith, the Leonberger and Karma, the Rottweiler, can not stay far enough from either one. In fact Orflaith, at 154 lbs, goes so far as to stand at the sliding door to our unheated screened porch and whine to get out there and lie on the slate floor, even in the dead of winter. She loves the cold! At almost 9 years of age, we worry about the effects of that cold on her ageing body. She already has difficulty getting up due to arthritis but she still wants that cold floor and disdains the lovely warm fires!

    • It’s fun seeing all the cold weather pups in their element. Eko and Penny run circles around the Huskies and Bernese Mountain Dogs in the warmer months, but those guys are out playing in the snow long after my two want to come in for a fire.

      If you had a Leonberger blanket and a fire I think you’d quite quickly overheat. Or have a very low heating bill.


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