Penny Cheats Death

If you ask my pups, every meal is the most important meal of the day. In fact, they act like every meal is the most important meal of their life. That’s why I like to use mealtime as an easy/quick opportunity to reinforce familiar commands and practice new ones.

The table is set, but Eko and Penny know the meal  is not served until I say so

Recently I’ve worked to improve the “Bang!” (play dead) command with Penny. She’s made nice progress, but whenever I ask her do it before a meal the results are hilariously bad.

First, she half heartedly leans over

Then takes a longing lick towards her food

And continues to do so while jerkily proceeding to the ground

Penny desperately swims through the air, attempting to steal some kibble while performing the trick I asked for

Penny’s a terrible actor. It ruins the illusion if the “dead” actor starts eating breakfast before the director yells cut

I just crack up and wait for Penny to realize her scheming only delays mealtime 

Finally I get the “I know, I know, this is what I should have done but I couldn’t resist” face

At which point I give a happy “Take it, good girl!” and she pops up to eat. The whole process is so funny I almost don’t want her to improve. I may just rename the trick “Hungry Zombie” and leave it as is.

Anyone have a pup who likes to cut-corners with tricks or take a few creative liberties with commands?



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