Party Planning With Pups

This past Saturday we hosted Emily’s co-residents for a potluck Thanksgiving. Anytime you have guests there’s a never ending list of chores and errands and tasks. There’s no hiding the commotion from the pups, who immediately know something is up.

While he escaped the reach of the vacuum, Eko kept a sharp eye out for any early guests

After a long day of following our frenetic cooking and cleaning, Eko and Penny were quite worked up. So right before showering I took them to the beach to burn off some steam.

The more tired the pups, the more polite they are as hosts

When I first got Eko, I was a total helicopter-parent whenever people were over. I’d hover over him in hopes of avoiding any trouble with guests. In my old age I’ve taken a more hands-off approach. I’ve found when I’m relaxed it’s a much more effective way of keeping them relaxed too.

We follow the simple rule of “look but don’t touch”

And there was oh so much delicious food to look at

“Don’t mind us, we’re definitely not giving guests puppy-dog eyes in hopes of getting scraps…”

At one point Eko attempted to use mind control to get some turkey

And was completely incensed it didn’t work

Before you cry for poor Eko and Penny, know they were well treated. Literally. Partygoers took turns getting Eko and Penny to do tricks in return for a few training treats and plenty of affection.

By the time the party ended I think the pups were even more exhausted than we were. I mean, Eko fell asleep like this:

That’s a new one

Planning for a party when you have pets takes a bit more effort, but it’s well worth it. Plus you save on having to pay for entertainment. Eko and Penny are always good for a show!

42 thoughts on “Party Planning With Pups”

  1. LOL, that last picture Killed. Me! And your caption was perfect! It was the voice of experience that has seen a whole lot dog-wise…and then they pull one like that when you aren’t expecting it. 😃

  2. Bummer about the mind control, E. Can’t win ’em all! Sleeping with your paw caught up in your cheek is a sure sign that you were worn out! Fun party!

    Love and licks,

  3. LOL That sleeping position is hysterical!! We used to have big parties and smaller gatherings all year round and our previous dog loved it and generally took it in stride. Now we’re not so interested in entertaining and neither are our friends, so we all meet out somewhere and let the places we go do all the work. 🙂 We only have people over for holidays, and Daisy’s an absolute nut. Yet another good reason to take the party elsewhere. 🙂


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