Penny Fly Trap

Penny finds trouble. It’s what she does. She occasionally takes time off from her hobby, but it’s not much help. Because that’s when trouble seems to find Penny. And I’m starting to think she enjoys trouble saving her the effort of going looking for it.

Penny was minding her business at the beach when a powerful-looking Boxer came charging directly towards her

Penny quietly sunk into a submissive posture and the Boxer picked up speed

I knew where this was going, but the poor Boxer had no idea

Penny sprang forward and stopped the Boxer in his tracks

The Boxer slowly backed up, regretting his choice of targets. But it was too late, the Penny Fly Trap closed on her prey

“You wanted to dance, big boy, so let’s dance!”

The boxer went scampering back down the beach while Penny trotted back to me, her grin saying, “That one wasn’t my fault.”

Some days I feel like Penny’s Joker make up should be permanent so other dogs know what they’re getting themselves into

You can call Penny plenty of things, but dull is certainly not one of them!

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