Prepping A Couple Turkeys

Alright team, we’re hosting Thanksgiving in Chicago for the first time ever. Emily’s parents are staying with us and my mom will also be in town. Everyone arrives tomorrow so we need to be totally prepared by the end of the day.

Kitchen prep work: check!

Clean house: check!

Bathed, teeth brushed: check!

Testing comfiness of the guest bed: check!

Hey, wait a minute. You guys aren’t allowed up there…

Not even with those eyes. Dogs off the bed: check!

As hosts, Eko provides the class while Penny provides the humor

The checklist is complete. Can’t wait to welcome family to our home for the holiday. Our two turkeys are prepped and ready to go.

There’s only one thing we can’t prepare for…

The terror of walking past this inflatable

Guess we’ll just have to walk the other way until Christmas decorations go up.

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