Happy National Dog Show Day!

Thanksgiving is the best holiday. No presents but your presence and no responsibilities other than to enjoy yourself.

Before you dig into your turkey, be sure to tune into the National Dog Show on NBC. It comes on immediately following the Macy’s Parade. And for my money the parade of pups is far more entertaining.

Many moons ago Eko and I attended the show in person. It was one of the best parts of our trip together

The overwhelming love and care the entrants give to their dogs is uplifting. Even though it kind of looks like these corgis are at the gallows, I promise they were well pampered

I love the National Dog Show because it offers the opportunity to  a variety of incredible pups. Even Eko had to do a double take to make sure some of the entrants were dogs and not rugs

Will a Rhodesian Ridgeback bring home the trophy this year!? (Spoiler: No way, they never win) We’re excited to watch either way

Tune in for guaranteed smiles and plenty of “awwws”

Oh yeah, and happy Thanksgiving, too!

15 thoughts on “Happy National Dog Show Day!”

  1. Have a great Thanksgiving day and enjoy the show. My vote would be on Eko and Penny, even though they aren’t entered (this year!).

  2. I’m thankful Mom doesn’t want to show dogs. I did it once, but it isn’t my thing. I would rather wear crazy hats and stuff for fun! Enjoy the show, your family, and lots of good food.


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