The Levitating Puppy

After our food and family filled festivities, we decided a long walk would be the perfect way to end the holiday weekend. Penny didn’t have quite as much turkey as Emily and I did, so she was eager to burn off some more energy.

We were in no condition to run with Penny.  Instead I decided to show Emily the levitating-puppy trick. All you need is a magic stick.

Emily was skeptical at first

But the trick worked perfectly!

Emily spun and laughed as the magic stick lifted Penny airborne 

Emily’s ready for Hogwarts

And Penny’s ready for the NBA

Two happy girls. This is definitely my favorite photo from the trip

This is a close second, though

Eko and I were working on our own levitating trick, but when Emily took a photo, the magic turned out to be a bit too powerful.

Wizard’s warning: Only attempt to levitate one dog at a time

I enjoy any long walk, but I seem to appreciate them more when we bring the pups along. One way or another, they always add an extra bit of magic.

18 thoughts on “The Levitating Puppy”

  1. The incredible flying dog(s). I wonder if the stick was placed on the kitchen counter if Penny could magically get some leftovers. That would be my dream come true….. *sigh*

    Love and licks,

  2. That is such a great post! Thanks for the photos! John

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