The Best Dog Food for Every Dog

People often ask, “What do Eko and Penny eat?”

“Mostly the other’s skull,” I reply

Despite my truthful answer, people are usually more interested in what dog food they eat.

There’s a short answer and a long answer .

The short answer is Eko and Penny both eat ProPlan Natural – Chicken and Brown Rice

But the short answer isn’t a particularly helpful one. Eko and Penny are healthy, fit and active dogs, so I think many people assume my two eat the “best” dog food. But here’s the thing:

There is no single best dog food.

That’s the bad news. The good news is you can find the best food for your dog.

Like human nutrition, canine nutrition is a nuanced issue with a multitude of camps. From grain free to free range and from dry food to raw food, there are a plethora of canine diets people swear by.

Eko and Penny swear by their food, but they’d also swear by a meal of just treats. So I don’t let their tastes be the sole judge of their food

With Eko, I first tried to find the “best” dog food by buying the most expensive bag I could find. When that didn’t work well for him, we transitioned to a “Five Star” reviewed food. Eko’s stomach didn’t take well to that food, so we next tried a brand recommended by my vet. This bag was a dud too.

In each case I transitioned food appropriately and fed according to guidelines, but nothing worked. My impulse at the time was to label these duds as “bad” dog foods. But what I’ve realized is they were simply “bad for Eko.” I’m sure I could find plenty of dogs who thrive on those foods.

The ProPlan Natural is the goldilocks “just right” food for Eko and it’s worked wonderfully for Penny. But that’s no guarantee it will give other pups the same energy and bounce it gives Penny.

That’s probably a good thing

Every dog is unique, so finding the right food for your pup is a unique process. I will happily share info about what my pups eat, but I’m always quick to add there is no one-size-fits-all food. It takes time to figure out what food works for your dog.

And how much of it to feed. (Hint: Don’t listen to your dog’s suggestions)

While food is a central component to a dog’s health, there is no miraculous food which transforms your dog into Superpup. Proper nutrition, exercise, training, grooming and veterinary care are all invaluable.

Also, you should limit how many cigars your dogs smoke

I’m not a veterinary nutritionist so when asked, I don’t recommend an authoritative “best” diet or food. Instead I prefer to recommend people discover what’s best for their particular pup. As I learned, the right answer isn’t guaranteed by price, ratings or even veterinary recommendations.

The right answer is guaranteed by a commitment to discovering what food helps your pup be the healthiest and happiest they can be.

The effort is well worth the result!

Also, allow my mistakes help me save your wallet. If you want to try a new dog food, always buy the small bag!

I’m interested to hear from you guys. How did you discover and decide what food(s) to feed your dogs?

45 thoughts on “The Best Dog Food for Every Dog”

  1. Will, I was wondering if you could explain what you mean when you say several brands didn’t work. In what ways?
    Reason I ask is….Axel my black lab, is a picky picky eater….on top of that…he has a super sensitive system. And….he eats like he has all day long. He literally will take about 5 pieces of kibble….chew at least 5 times….then get 5 more….repeat. he evens stops several times to drink water. However, I have found he can’t have any grains or chicken.
    Then there’s Ariel, my German Shepherd/ golden retriever mix. She would eat cardboard if I spread Bacon grease on it. But, she is like a vacuum. I swear I don’t think she chews it at all. I even go so far as to throw her handful at the time so it scatters on the carpet. At least that way, it takes longer. I would love to know more about the dog dish you have….seems like that would help with the vacuum eating.
    Right now, I rotate between Taste of the wild and Castor and Pollux. I use the salmon and boar varieties from Taste of the Wild and the natural ultra mix beef from Castor. If I get anything with chicken or pork….severe diarrhea happens with Axel and even Ariel has “loose” poop. I can’t even give treats/chew bones made from pork skin. Have you found any chew bones that last for more than 5 minutes? Thank you in advance!!! Donna

    • The bowls are called slobowls. Available on Amazon for around $10 and I highly recommend them to slow down speed eaters. As for chews, I’ve found antlers to be better than bones. The pups really like them and they last longer than other chews without any gastrointestinal side-effects.

  2. Love that you’re not trying to force the food you buy down other people’s throats 🙂 every food works differently for every dog and they wouldnt be on the market if they weren’t a balanced food. The only thing I can say is to always work out the calories and protien on a dry matter basis and beware wet food because the contents are usually higher on a dry matter basis than advertised as they advertise the whole product not they dry matter content.

    As for me … I’m a poor student and I get Hill’s Science Diet for 25% of the retail price through vet school.

    Nala has a sensitive stomach so I put her on the hills Z/d for sensitive skin and allergies and it works wonders, we havent had a diarrhoea incident since. I can really recommend it for those dogs that have terribly red skin and bouts of vomiting and diarrhoea where the owners cant find the trigger. Really settles the stomach down, the idea is that they take the protien and mooosh it up so that the body doesnt recognise it as protien and therefore they dont get the irritable bowel reaction they might get to certain protiens. I believe royal canin also has a hypoallergenic brand that ive heard works similarly.

    Sometimes, if you suspect your dog has a food alergy that doesnt resolve by switching foods, try changing the sort of protien they are eating i.e from beef to chicken or picking something not commonly used in dog foods, like here in aus we use kangaroo meat.

    I also mix Nala and Max’s food with The hills dental food have apparently been proven to reduce tarter in a couple of weeks of use and I tried it on Max and it worked really well. Even if its only a quarter of their diet it really makes a difference.

    Ehhh i didnt mean to sound like a poster ad for hills… I swear uni gives it to us really cheap!

  3. Purina ProPlan is a great food… we have it in Europe too 🙂
    (doesnt matter that its your sponsor).

    Every dog has a choice of its own.


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