Christmas Cheer



Christmas is just two weeks away, but El Niño is keeping Chicago relatively toasty. Nevertheless, after sad news this week, we were eager to perk up with some holiday cheer. Step one was getting a Christmas tree.

We brought the whole gang to sniff out the perfect one

Penny decided to taste a few but quickly learned Christmas trees are a treat for the eyes, not the stomach

At home, my supervisors made sure I did a good job getting our tree set up

 Whatever the temperature outside, a warmly lit tree and a warmer fire make it feel like Christmas

Eko and Penny also received their first gift of the season. They’re pretty easy to buy for.

Considering everything I buy comes in boxes, and they love boxes

Eko wasn’t initially keen to share his new (if temporary) bed, but in deference to spreading the holiday cheer he finally acquiesced.

Tis the season!

We’re all set for the holidays. Although, if this weather keeps up we may also need to dust off our beach chairs.

29 thoughts on “Christmas Cheer”

  1. Sorry but i lost it when i saw that naughty hat on Penny. She is so cute naturally n dont even know it. I know u n emily have hours of laughing with her. She kills me. Love eko.

  2. I know! It’s supposed to be 63 this weekend! Crazy! Sorry I haven’t been around, getting ready to go to Cleveland to see my Mom. Leaving tomorrow and won’t be back til later Monday….have a great weekend!!!!!!!! I will be back with you guys when I return! love to all!

  3. That box is a winner! Perfect fit! Luckily, my Christmas dress is sleeveless. Mom let me wear it to do my therapy work on Tuesday. It was just right for the warm NJ weather. C’mon snow!

    Love and licks,

  4. Well done! Dash is also a fan of lying on or in items that come to the house. A box is on the top of his list. Sharing is also usually done — but much like Eko, Dash as the big brother knows that he just has to share with his little sister. But it doesn’t always make him happy.

  5. The weather has been strangely warm here too but we’re not complaining…….it’s going to be in the 70s this weekend – again we’re not complaining… if David and I had purchased new snow sleds for each other for Christmas we MIGHT be complaining!!!!! Enjoy the heatwave……

    Hugs, Pam


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