Our Most Ambitious Road Trip Yet

Eko and Penny are both seasoned roadtrippers. Which is good, because I think we’re all in for our most interesting ride yet.

Emily only has a few days off, so she’s flying straight to NJ from work. But my brother and Doc are going to ride with us. I would now like to express my train of thought via a series of Doc’s facial expressions.

“Great, we’ll have someone to share the ride with!”

“Wait a second…if my math’s correct…”

“…the backseat will be quite cozy.”

“I’m a little nervous.”

“But fortune favors the bold. Time to face the rising sun and set sail!”

Safe travels to all our fellow holiday adventurers. We’ll catch up with everyone tomorrow from the east coast.

23 thoughts on “Our Most Ambitious Road Trip Yet”

  1. Look at you, you sweet-sweet Doc. What a beautifull face you have. Not long ago your two Ridge friends were searching for reset buttons to un-freeze you. And look at you now; you have the suave and presence of the perfect cool and collected gentleman. This road trip is going to be a piece of cake. Say hi to the two brothers and the Ridges for me. Enjoy your holiday and have loads of fun along the way.

  2. Merry Christmas and safe travels! Twelve hours with three dogs is pretty impressive. At least nobody in the back seat will be saying, “Are we there yet?”


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