The Flying Old English Sheepdog

It’s a new year, but I just have to sneak in one more post about last year. Over Christmas, my mom played host to quite the menagerie.

We often had more dogs than people in the house

With the bustle of the holiday there were oh so many places for a pup to turn their attention.

As always, Eko offered his assistance in the kitchen

But Auggie, my mom’s dog, had eyes for only one girl – his old puppy pal – Penny. No matter where my girl went, Auggie enthusiastically tagged along. Auggie is completely enamored with Penny and loves showing off for her.

Auggie would get Penny’s attention with a short bark, then show her just how high he could bounce

Penny was perplexed by the display

Which only caused Auggie to bounce even higher

Like a furry pogo stick, Auggie bounced up and down. Never jumping on Penny, just showing off his dance moves

I have never seen such an elaborate display of affection and clearly neither has Penny. She just stood perplexed, watching Auggie reach ever higher 

Undaunted, Auggie went full bi-pedal

After one final, mighty bounce, Auggie stopped with an exhausted sigh. Defeated, like so many guys, in his efforts to woo a lady. And in true lady fashion, that’s exactly when Penny decided to show interest.

Penny crashed into her oldest friend and the two ran circles around each other while I did my best to keep the Christmas tree upright.

“You guys bounce, I’ll sink into this couch”

Hope everyone enjoyed a safe, happy and healthy holiday season. If your family and friends were half as excited to see you as Auggie was to see Penny, you’re in good company!

25 thoughts on “The Flying Old English Sheepdog”

  1. I feel Auggie’s pain. Been there (although not for about a zillion years) but still remember high school. If only I could have jumped that high maybe I would have got more attention from the girls I was trying to flirt with 🙂

  2. Hahahaha! Mom’s little Poodle Jessie James does the same for Mazie, all 7lbs of him 🙂 We have no idea why but he just adores her and does it every time we come over. Love Auggie he is so darn adorable!


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