Penny The Fire Dog

Winter hides the sun away so the dogs need other sources of heat to keep them at their ideal body temperature (which appears to be about five thousand degrees).

The most coveted heat is the roaring warmth of a winter fire

Eko and Penny will both happily bake in front of a flame, but we’ve discovered Penny is particularly obsessed with fire

Normally, nothing could extricate Penny from a comfy spot on Emily’s lap…

But nothing (and nobody!) gets between Penny and a front row seat at our fireplace

“Can you believe Will thought he could get away with stealing my spot?”

In the interest of breathing without a sixty pound weight on my chest, I acceded to Penny’s claim and retreated to the couch. Eko happily joined me. But Penny?

She cooked front and center right until the final ember died

Now, does Penny’s fire obsession have anything to do with her devilish ways? I certainly hope not…but there’s room for disagreement!

18 thoughts on “Penny The Fire Dog”

  1. At night here, the temps get to the mid thirties. Kali is a heat seeking missile and crawls under the covers at night to share heat. Yes, we have the heat on but she wants more.

  2. I turned on our gas logs yesterday because we finally got cold weather. Our pup, Roxy, has been quite curious about this wonderful source of warmth. She, also, jumped and backed away from it like she thought it might play. At least she stays out of the flame’s reach!

  3. Ok don’t think I am totally nuts (even if I am lol), but….isn’t Penny an Aries? The element that represents the sign of Aries is FIRE……….that explains it! It also explains her determined, energetic, boisterous personality!!! She is one strong chick!


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