Puppy Professor Penny

Today we check in on a familiar series I like to call, Dogs Who Mess With Penny, and The Immediate Regret Which Follows.

One of the many reasons I love the dog beach is the off-leash socialization the pups get. There are some lessons which only dogs can teach each other. Especially during her “teenage” months, Penny was the repeated recipient of the “Don’t look for trouble, because you might find it” lesson.

Now that she’s (slightly) more restrained at the beach, Penny is happy to pass the knowledge along. 

Try to stealth hump an unsuspecting Penny?

You’re going to have a bad time

Jump directly on Penny’s head?

You should probably start running 

A funny thing I’ve recently noticed about Penny’s would-be muggers is they always run in the same direction.

Towards me!

I guess they figure since the pink maniac is with me, I can get her to stop chasing them

But like Eko, I just prefer to kick back and watch Penny turn the tables

“You want to dance, pretty boy? Let’s dance!”

Then it’s my turn to dance out of the way of the hasty retreat

As her pupils streak away across the sand, Penny stops and turns to me with a grin.

Students usually have all the fun, but I think Penny is quite content with her new position as Professor of Dog Park Etiquette.

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