The Art of The Dog Pile

A sleeping dog is a blissful thing.

It’s often difficult to tell where the dog ends and the furniture begins

Eko and Penny seem to be without a care in the world when they nap

But despite the carefree exterior, the pups do follow an established set of rules when napping on the couch together. I’m not quite sure how these rules were formed, but I know both parties understand and agree to the same terms.

The first rule of nap club is that rear-end to rear-end naps are always acceptable

Eko happily lets Penny use him as a pillow, but it’s a one way street. He never rests his head on her. And for some reason, they both refuse to sleep head-to-head

The trouble is that when Penny’s pillow needs to scratch his ear it clears the couch and means the nappers must adjust their arrangement

Most of this dog-pile-choreography takes care of itself, but occasionally it does require my intervention. I’ll hear a low pitched whine when the pups get “stuck” in negotiations.

They freeze in place like it’s a standoff. They’re both unsure of exactly where to go in order to meet the terms of their napping arrangement 

After a couple minutes of laughing to myself and watching their telepathic negotiations, I step in and mediate

I shepherd the pups in place and then they are once again a picture of bliss

Who knew napping could be so exhausting?

If you have multiple pets, do they have any particular terms about their sleeping arrangements?

38 thoughts on “The Art of The Dog Pile”

  1. Yes! Axel was here first and use to being the one and only. However he loves to play more than anything…even eating. So when he was 8 months old, here come 6 month old Ariel. He thought I had gotten her just for him….a real live toy to play all he wanted. He loves loves loves her….all day…until bedtime. He decides to make sure she knows she can not sleep at the top of the bed on the pillow beside me. That is only OK for him. Well, Ariel put up with this rule for about 3 months. One night, she decided she could sleep anywhere she wanted. And she did….. Being that Axel is really a big wuss he pouted, huffed and puffed, whined and….decided he would now start sleeping under the covers pressed up against me. His entire head must be completely covered…all night. That’s the way it is every night now…..all it works.


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