Shark Week Audition

Eko and Penny are kitchen sharks, through and through. We never feed them from the table, but they coast around the center island, eternally hopeful of discovering an unsuspecting crumb.

We don’t countenance the behavior with any human food, but I figured there is another way to put my sharks to good use. Discovery Channel’s Shark Week always stages reenactments and they must be looking for new actors about now.

I have just the pups for the job.

Can they ominously stalk their prey? You bet.

Can they hunt with singular focus? No problem

Can they rise up with the crescendo of the JAWS theme ? Of course, they’re professionals

I mean, the realism here is second to none. Can you even tell this is not a real shark?

Ok, yeah, he may be a tad gentle, but we can work on the whole chomping thing

Not all sharks are Great Whites, so for those scenes where you need smaller sharks we’ve got you covered.


The Penny Shark hunts in shallower waters. What she lacks in size she makes up in speed 

She spies her prey

And pounces! TV viewers won’t be able to tell it’s not a real shark

The likeness is uncanny

So, Discovery Channel CEO-person, I guess there’s really only one question left at this point. When do we start?

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