How Dogs Celebrate Birthdays

Today is my 30th birthday. Family and friends send good wishes, I’m given preferential treatment and this day is marked as special. Extra-special since my odometer rolls into a new decade.

And how do my dogs show proper reverence for this day?

“Birthday? *YAWN* That’s great, but I still have to poop, so wake up.”

“Are birthdays a human celebration of taking forever to feed me breakfast? Because that’s what it feels like, Will.”

“Can you take me out again? Then tuck me in? Then give me treats? Then take me out again? Then feed me? Then tuck me in? After that the day is all yours.”

Sure, all the birthday kindness from people feels great. But I also appreciate the dogs’ complete indifference to marking any day as more or less valuable than another.

It’s important to reflect on milestones and the passage of time. It is also important to remember each day and each moment are equally worthy of our effort.

Action and reflection, in balance

I’m thankful for all the people who remind me to celebrate today. And I’m thankful for the dogs who remind me to celebrate every day.

I’m also thankful for a few extra birthday treats!

I’m off to apply for my AARP card, I’ll catch you guys tomorrow!

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