Things That Are True

As I walked out the door with the pups, I grabbed a couple bags, as I always do.

“They both just pooped this morning, ” Emily said

“I know. But if I don’t bring these bags, the dogs will need them.”

We laughed because despite the contradictory nature of my sentence, we both knew it to be a 100% true. Whether it’s karma or a conspiracy amongst the pups, there are just some things that are invariably true when you have a dog.

“Hey Eko, I think Will forgot bags. Now is the time to strike.”

Here are a few more of my favorite fun “facts”

“You will break your own rules.” We instituted a strict no-dogs-on-beds policy, but like Swiss cheese, our policy has a few holes. If one of us is sick, or we’re on vacation, nothing beats snoozing with the pups 

“You will lose an argument to your dog.” They can’t speak, but somehow that doesn’t stop them from convincing us to agree with their positions. Like when Eko convinces me he should get the spot on the couch in the sun and I should find another place to read

“You will become stoic.” Only a seasoned dog person can casually be on her laptop while 150+ pounds of dog battles mere inches away

“You will witness at least one scientifically impossible event.” One day I went to run errands. I crated puppy-Penny. I locked both latches. I know I did. But when I came home this little stinker greeted me at the door. Things like this just tend to happen when you have a dog


“You will watch the transformation of at least one person into a dog lover.” Dogs didn’t earn the title “Man’s best friend” by accident. Every pup has done their part to convince at least one new person that canines are awesome pals

These are just a few of the many “facts” I love about life with dogs, but there are so many more to choose from.

They may not appear in an encyclopedia entry on dogs, but what are your favorite “facts” or truisms about living with dogs?

36 thoughts on “Things That Are True”

  1. Great Post and so true on all counts. The truism that hits closest to home for me is the transformation of someone into a dog lover. Holly was always scared of dogs because she had been bitten a couple of times when she was a kid. Our first Golden helped to change that but Kali has made the biggest difference and affected transformation in Holly. It’s Holly that has been the one to break the no dogs on the couch or bed rule. It’s Holly that can’t wait to get another dog (or two!). Dogs are simply game changers.


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