What’s Your Leap Year Story?

It’s my favorite day of the year! Or, I guess, my favorite day every fourth year? Or is it my 1/4 favorite day every year?

In any event, I love February 29th. It feels like an extra day stolen from Father Time. A day which ducks in an out of our calendars – meaningful and meaningless at the exact same time.

We’ll be spending our extra day in full leap

For fun I tracked my life as if only lived on February 29ths-

1988 – I’m two, I can’t do anything, this is boring

1992 – Hey we have a dog! I have freckles, he has spots, we’re ready to party

1996 – Romping with our Dalmatian in the Blizzard of 96

2000 – Another family pup! And somehow I managed not to get thrown out of middle school!

2004 – Graduate High School

2008 – Graduate College

2012 – This is where it gets fun! I have my own dog and my own blog.

And we’re living it up in Houston


We were so young!

Leap forward to today and I have a new pup, a new city, and new apartment and a new* wife! (*Note to Emily: I don’t have an old wife, I simple said “new” because it fit with the rest of the sentence)

Where will we leap to next?

The next February 29th is in 2020. That’s the future! Well, obviously. But I mean the “flying cars and robot butlers” future. Or at least that’s how it sounds to me.

Four years seems like a pretty good timeframe for a flipbook of life. What does your flipbook look like? Any big jumps between February 29ths?

And the most important question of all. What’s the conversion rate between dog years and leap years? I think I need a calculator… or a nap.

21 thoughts on “What’s Your Leap Year Story?”

  1. One of Mom’s good friends is a leap child. She remembers celebrating her 5th birthday with her back in 1986, this year she turned 13. It’s always fun to have fun with the poor girl’s age!

  2. You might know dogs Will, but you don’t know two year olds. Never a dull moment… even if you don’t remember it, that was when your adventurers really took off!

  3. Mom needs a calculator AND a nap, just from reading the human leap year times. If she tried to figure it in dog years, her head would explode. We know that today we are together, healthy, and happy, so we’re satisfied with that….

    Love and licks,


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