Life Imitates (Pet) Art

Our pets influence our lives in a countless multitude of ways. One of those ways we might not often think about is how our pets influence our taste in art. 

Like my not-so-subtle love of this stationary

At our old apartment, we barely had room to turn around, so decorating wasn’t high on our to-do list. At our new place, we’ve slowly started to adorn the walls.

Not surprisingly, the pups’ influence on my taste in art is quite evident

The art I like, even when not about dogs in particular, just seems so familiar. Now, where have I seen a face like that before…

There it is!

Eko and Penny’s influence is most prevalent in the art I chose to hang in my office.

An authority figure trying to keep two rambunctious cubs in line, aka, the story of my life! 

My latest thrift shop pickup, a boy and his wild things, is probably my favorite piece. Nothing makes me happier, in life and in art, than a wild rumpus 

What about you guys? Have you ever picked up a painting, print or piece of art because it reminded you of your pet?

21 thoughts on “Life Imitates (Pet) Art”

  1. We have an entire wall in the entryway dedicated to our fur kids. We also have little pieces scattered all over with cute pictures and plaques for our Hooligans!!


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