[VIDEO] This Is Where We Start

I’ve asked myself countless times how to rebuild  after Eko’s death left me in ruins. The first answer was – “I can’t.”  My pillars of joy and laughter crumbled and my foundation of love cracked. The immense rubble of all I’d built with Eko overwhelmed me. The task of salvaging myself seemed impossible.

But Penny needed me, so I cleared a few broken pieces to reveal the sand underneath. Each day we visit that beachhead and the joy we share there gives me the strength to clear more space in my heart. I could move mountains when I was with Eko, but now I must move mountains for him so that I may build a living legacy. Mountains are moved one stone at a time. Or even one grain of sand at a time. Luckily I have Penny to help, and my girl certainly knows how to keep sand moving.

This is where we start.

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  1. A few years ago, a friend told me to watch for messages from my mother after she passed. She called them pennies from heaven. You have a constant, dizzying, reminder of Eko in your Penny from heaven. Sometimes the pennies I see bring on melancholy, but most of the time they bring a smile to a dark day. I believe the Lord knew you would need Penny to help you through this pain, and so, she was THE ONE AND ONLY pup you were meant to adopt at that time. Thank you for sharing her love of life with the rest of us!


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